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Kyrene Sponsorship Programs
The Kyrene is proud to provide a variety of academic, enrichment and recreational activities as well as prevention services programs that provide Kyrene students with a challenging and supportive environment in order to prepare them for the future.  Many of our district programs are self funded and rely on needed funds to continue to function, develop growth and excel. It is for this reason Kyrene has initiated our Sponsorship Program. This program is aimed to providing additional resources to support our schools, programs, and students.
As a sponsor you will align yourself, your business, and/or organization with an award-winning district compromised of 25 schools, 18,000 students, 2,500 employees and thousands of Kyrene family and community members.  Your sponsorship will help you develop brand awareness within the community as well as send a positive message that you support education and the future of our local schools and community.
If you are interested in being a sponsors or would like additional information on any of our sponsorship opportunities please contact:
Ted Gonzalez
Business Development & Corporate Sponsorship Coordinator
(480) 541-1513