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Kyrene Kindergarten
A premier education for all students!

Kyrene Kindergarten offers a challenging and comprehensive curriculum to ensure that your child will receive the individualized attention needed to excel. Your child will receive the foundation for lifelong learning when enrolled in our Kindergarten program. For admission to kindergarten, we recommend that children be five years old before September 1 of the current school year. 
Kindergarten Highlights
» Tuition-free, full-day kindergarten programs (with half-day options)
» State-certified, highly-qualified and caring teachers
» Hands-on curriculum integrated with technology
» Specialized classes in art, library, music and P.E.
» Additional instruction for academic challenges
» Convenient on-site, award-winning after-school programs
» STEM, traditional, dual language, leadership, and gifted options
There are also choice program options for kindergarten: Dual Language and Traditional Academies.
Full-day kindergarten is available at all Kyrene schools and is offered to all children residing in and outside the Kyrene School District boundary.
Half-day kindergarten will be provided in a Kyrene elementary school where there are enough half-day kindergarten students to fill a kindergarten class (22 or more students). Half-day kindergarten is available at Milenio from 7:45 - 10:55 a.m. Mon, Tue, Thurs and Fri. and 7:45 - 10:35 a.m. on Wednesdays (early release). If you would like your child to attend half-day kindergarten, please obtain the registration form from a Kyrene school.
STEM, traditional, dual language, leadership, preparatory and gifted programs teaches students to use applied learning for problem solving, creativity and enhanced preparation for higher learning.
Kyrene Kids Club
Before and after school programs are available on site at many locations. These include school break camps; evening events, and summer programs for both pre-K and school-age children. Montessori and Bienvenidos (foreign language) options available. Kids Club was awarded "Best of Ahwatukee 2014"
Enrollment Process 
General Enrollment (In-district enrollment)
Families wishing to attend their home school can enroll directly at the school. You will need your child’s birth certificate, immunization records and a proof of residence. During the summer, enrollments are taken at the District Office.
Open Enrollment (Out-of-district enrollment)
Families applying to Kyrene School District that do not reside within the District’s boundaries must enroll through open enrollment.
We offer a Kindergarten early entrance age exception for children who turn five between September 1 and December 31 if it is determined to be in their best interest. 

Kinder Roundup January 19 6:30 pm  
Kindergarten Roundup
January 19, 6:30 p.m.
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