Committees and Task Forces

The committee groups below meet regularly. Meeting agendas and minutes can be reviewed by selecting
the link to each group below.

Committee Group


Kyrene Think Tank (formerly DLC)  This group is charged with providing the Superintendent with thinking and advice oninnovative 21st century education ideas and issues.
K-8 Programming Study (K-8) This group is charged with providing the Superintendent advice and recommendations regarding the effectiveness and efficiency of identified District programs.
Health Steering Committee This group oversees the development of health curriculum and selection of resources that is used for the instruction of Kyrene students for Strand 9 (Human Growth and Development) and Strand 10 (HIV/AIDS/STIs) of the Kyrene Expanded Health Curriculum. The committee is comprised of Kyrene parents, administrators, teachers, community members, and medical professionals.
Kyrene Community Alliance (KCA) The purpose of the Kyrene Community Alliance (KCA) is to engage the community in an effort to enhance the learning experience within the Kyrene School District.  KCA will look to help form partnerships with the community in order to ensure the success of programs or initiatives.  KCA members will receive information on the challenges facing the Kyrene School District and will contribute input on how to address those concerns through community support for an initiative.
Parent Superintendent Council (PSC) The purpose of this group is to learn and provide feedback to the Superintendent regarding issues critical to the District.
Kyrene Employee Benefit Trust (KEBT)The purpose of this group is to oversee the operations of the employee benefits trust. The Trust meets regularly through the year with vendor representatives and benefit consultants. This committee is comprised of three community member trustees and one alternate, one governing board member trustee and one district appointed representative and one alternate.

Task Forces


Elementary Special Area Program Study Task Force Charge: Examine the current specials schedule and consider any possibilities that may improve upon our current system and result in a positive impact for students.
Charge: Develop a middle school schedule that supports and enhances the delivery of the Arizona Common Core Standards to students in a cost effective manner.
Charge: Identify boundary possibilities and coordinate public forums in compliance with state statute.
Teacher Evaluation Design Team (TEDT) Internal only group
Charge: Determine new evaluation system for teachers: The Art and Science of Teaching Framework by Robert Marzano and consult on its implementation.
Dual Language Program Study 
Fine Arts Task ForceCharge: Generate possibilities to enhance the fine arts experiences for all students in the Kyrene School District including the development of a fine arts academy or other delivery structure that integrates with the Districts’ Vision for 21st Century Learning.

Task Forces (inactive) 


Coaches Task Force Charge: Reduce budgeted expenditures for the elementary coaching program by approximately $500,000 to $700,000 through a reduced service delivery model. This will also be an opportunity to identify areas in which program changes can be made for improvement, and to develop a plan for evaluating the effectiveness of the coaching program. The intent is to reduce services, not eliminate them, with the idea of explicitly studying the effectiveness and developing a long range plan for sustaining and enhancing the elementary coaching program.
Custodial Services Task Force
Internal only group
Charge: Produce a recommendation on how the District can save up to $300,000 through a combination of going fully contracted and a reduction in services
The District provides interpreter/translation services in Spanish and other languages for applicants, parents, students and others, free of charge. If you need such assistance, please contact Dr. Shari Dukes, Director at (480) 541-1150 or via email at

El Distrito de Kyrene ofrece servicios de interprete/traducción en español y en otros idiomas sin costo alguno para padres, estudiantes y solicitantes. Si necesita asistencia, puede contactar a la directora Dr. Shari Dukes al (480) 541-1150 o