girl with hard hat looking at blueprint
Blueprint for Kyrene
Background on Kyrene's vision, mission and strategic plans
Many organizations and businesses have strategic plans. Kyrene has had school district goals and improvement plans over the years. The Kyrene Strategic Plan was a tool that helped focus all employees on important goals, objectives and actions. Since all good planning should be strategic, it was felt that the term used for a plan of this importance should more accurately reflect the work. Blueprint means a plan of construction and is a term that will help the organization and community better understand that the focus is on continuous improvement in broad goal areas that impact every aspect of the Kyrene Elementary School District.
Our Vision: Kyrene’s vision is to prepare all students to meet educational and life challenges
in order to make positive contributions to society.
Our Mission: To realize our vision, Kyrene seeks to inspire and engage our diverse community of
students, staff, families and citizens to ensure continuous academic achievement and
personal growth for every student.
Superintendent Community Videos
The Superintendent, Dr. David Schauer has a series of informational videos for the community on Kyene.
Community Feedback Survey
Your input matters! This survey is designed to determine community member and parent opinions regarding Kyrene’s program offerings, use of Kyrene buildings and overall impressions as related to the quality of education being offered by Kyrene public schools. Results will be reviewed by the Superintendent and shared with staff and the Governing Board to assist in long range planning and improvements.
The District provides interpreter/translation services in Spanish and other languages for applicants, parents, students and others, free of charge. If you need such assistance, please contact Dr. Shari Dukes, Director at (480) 541-1150 or via email at

El Distrito de Kyrene ofrece servicios de interprete/traducción en español y en otros idiomas sin costo alguno para padres, estudiantes y solicitantes. Si necesita asistencia, puede contactar a la directora Dr. Shari Dukes al (480) 541-1150 o