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Board Member Michelle Hirsch Honored by ASBA

December 15, 2016
Michelle Hirsch, Kyrene Governing Board member who is retiring at the end of 2016 following 8 years of service, was awarded the Arizona School Boards Association "All Arizona School Board Member" award at the ASBA annual award dinner on December 14 at the Arizona Biltmore.
The "All Arizona School Board Member" award is ASBA's highest individual board member honor.  It is bestowed on up to five board members who exemplify best-practices in boardsmanship, understand their roles and follow through on their responsibilities.  It requires board action to be nominated and a selection committee chooses the winners.  Among the accomplishments cited in Ms. Hirsch's nomination:
--Led the work on development of a non-discrimination policy for District employees
---- --Was instrumental in the development of the Fine Arts Integration program at Paloma Elementary and Pueblo Middle School
--Initiated the practice of placing easily identifiable numbers on each school bus, improving safety and the efficiency of students being able to identify their correct bus assignment
--Collaborated on the planning and live broadcast of the first Kyrene interactive on-line Town Hall meeting 
--Initiated the addition of an electronic response system that allows board members to signal their wanting to speak during meetings
--Initiated the installation of a teacher-created mural in the Governing Board meeting room 
 In    Letters in support of her nomination were submitted by former Tempe City Council and Vice Mayor Onnie Shekerjian,, former Town of Guadalupe Mayor Rebecca Jimenez and former Kyrene Governing Board member Beth Briizel.  In her nomination, Ms. Shekerjian said, "Michelle’s proven record of service and leadership during her entire two elected terms has consistently demonstrated the highest level of commitment to serving as a Governing Board member who is truly focused on working for what is best for all students in the Kyrene School District."
       Ms. Jimenez said in her letter of support, " I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Michelle, and came to know her as a truly valuable asset to any team. She is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. Beyond that, she is an impressive problem solver who is always able to address complex issues with strategy and confidence. Michelle is inspired by challenges, and is driven to make education accessible and inclusive for ALL children."
       And Ms. Brizel, who served on the board with Ms. Hirsch said, "  Michelle was President of the Board when I first became a Board Member and was very effective in running our meetings. She made sure that all Board Members were able to ask questions and make their voices heard. My second year on the Board, I was Vice President while Michelle was President. We worked very well together."
Att    Attending the award dinner in support of Ms. Hirsch were Kyrene Superintendent Dr. Jan Vesely, Governing Board President, Bernadette Coggins, Board member Ross Robb and Ms. Hirsch's husband, Paul.